Admin-Access Recovery

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Reason: Distill information from linked IBM docs into article.

If you inherited a machine from somewhere, most likely there's no default admin password set anymore, and the password saved on the system isn't known anymore. To get back in, you need to follow Recovery Procedures.


The Admin-User's Login is QSECOFR, the default password likewise.[1]

This admin user profile exists twice on the system: Within the OS, and in the Dedicated Service Tools, or sort DST.[2] From experience, the DST password is most often left to the default password value, QSECOFR.[3]

Without reinstall, it's possible to

  • reset the DST password via an OS command,
  • reset the OS password via DST,
  • reset the OS password via another, known OS-User with appropriate Rights.[4]

Locked User Profile

In addition to a unavailable password, there's also the possibility that the profile itself is locked.



  1. On OS Releases after V4, the case is important: QSECOFR ≠ qsecofr.
  2. Almost but not exactly like a PC's BIOS.
  3. Starting with OS Release V5, DST password is case sensitive, so take care.
  4. And a known password, of course!