Keeping your machine clean

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OS/400 has a lot of facilities to keep your machine running smoothly without doing anything sysadmin related. I want to not only keep the machine running smoothly, but keep it clean und uncluttered by unnecessary data. Thus I sign on as QSECOFR on a daily basis and check/clean the following:

  • Output queues (WRKOUTQ), purging job logs and other output no longer relevant.
  • Messages (DSPMSG) for the users QSYSOPR, QTCP, QPGMR. These get purged by the system cleanup jobs eventually, but retain some messages. To keep overview about more or less important things happening, I want at least have a look at new messages appearing in QSYSOPRs message queue.
  • Alerts (WRKALR) are a more persistent, and visible way for the system to record possibly important messages, which might be easily overseen by just (loosely over)looking routinely over the QSYSOPR messages.
  • Problems (WRKPRB), are the next step to alerts. Some things on the system trigger all three: Messages, Alerts, and Problem entries.