Submitting batch jobs

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Qsicon Fixme.png This article isn't finished yet or needs to be revised. Please keep in mind that thus it may be incomplete.

Reason: Search for and add information about the JCL Clone OS/400 is using.

OS/400 shares some concepts with Mainframe operating systems, such as MVS (now z/OS). One of this possibilities is to submit Batch jobs to a remote machine with the SBMNETJOBcommand.[1][2]


For the facility to work, first configure SNA Distribution Services.

Next, decide what the receiving machine should do when there are remote jobs being submitted:

  • Reject incoming requests,
  • File into the user's network file storage[3] (default),
  • Search the network job entry table what to do.

Finally, provide entries to the Network Job Entry Table, what to do with Remote Jobs coming in.


Jobs are executed with the authority of the default user in the job description used in the BCHJOB line. If you want your jobs to be executed with your rights, you need to duplicate the batch job description, and change the default username to your user profile.[4]



  1. There's also a local-only equivalent called SBMDBJOB.
  2. SBMDBJOB is a somewhat extended version of the stock SBMJOB.
  3. To be seen in WRKNETF.
  4. Interestingly, it's not allowed to use *RQD as parameter, when it would help the most.