Tape Drives on old AS/400

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The QIC drives contained in many older machines are often defective, or it's expensive to impossible to get actual tapes for these drives. Sometimes, stock tape drives can be used also. This article documents which combination of machine, OS release, and drive has been tested so far.

Drive Server/OS Tasks tested Remark
HP DDS-1/2/3 9401-150/V4R5 Save/Restore/BMR[1] DIP-Switches set to default.
HP DLTVS 80[2] 9406-S20/V4R4 + 2726 SCSI RAID-Controller Save/Restore SCSI-Error logged at IPL time.
Works otherwise.
Conner CDT20004R-S 9401-150/V4R5 Save/Restore DIP-Switches set to default.
SCSI errors are logged for every initial access.
Works otherwise.
HP LTO1 9406-800/V5R4 + 2757 SCSI RAID-Controller Save/Restore SCSI-Errors logged at IPL time, and for every initial access.
Works otherwise.
HP DDS-1/2/3 9402-400/V4R2 None. DIP-Switches set to default.
Drive not recognised in DST.


  1. Bare Metal Restore, IPL from tape and restore of the entire system.
  2. Caution! Protect the controller board of the drive with a piece of carton or other insulating material. The EMI prevention springs will scratch components from the board otherwise.