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Every AS/400 or later machines have a panel, either as hardware, or emulated in Software (for logical partitions, LPARs).


The panel is comprised of these elements:

  • Pushbutton ↑
  • Pushbutton ↓
  • Pushbutton Enter often colored blue,
  • LC-Display, for output of System Reference Codes (SRC),
  • Power pushbutton ⌽,
  • LED (green) for showing the power state,
  • LED (green), with a pictogram reminding of stairs (main processor activity),[1]
  • LED (amber) with a vertical bar, cut in half and one half moved slightly horizontal.

Usually after plugging the power, the LCD will light up green.


If the machine shows 0000BBBB in the LCD and the amber LED is lit, this is a sign of the internal battery for powering the clock and retaining some settings in NVRAM is emptied. Usually, this is a CR2450 button type battery and can be easily replaced.

Changing settings

Normally, the LCD shows two chars and two digits, like

01   B N

The meaning is:

  • 01 - Show current IPL-Parameters
  • B - (A B C D) IPL-Source
  • N (N M) IPL-Mode

Beware, the panel allows to set a multitude of parameters to the system service processor card. Please don't wildly push buttons to see what will happen. Chances are you will change a setting and the machine will no longer IPL, or console connection is broken, or probably worse things.

Setting IPL Mode to source D, and mode manual

This example setting is needed to make the machine IPL from install media, such as tape or optical.

  • Push ↑ once to set the digit display from 01 to 02. Confirm with Enter.
  • Push ↑ oder ↓ until the character display is showing D M.[2] Confirm with Enter.
  • Push the power button ⌽. You can now insert the I_BASE-CD into the optical drive.


  1. It is not the disk activity LED as it was usual with PCs was into the 2000s.
  2. Older machines support concurrent setting of Source and Mode, newer support setting Source and Mode separately.